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Ride along with the peoples’ picnic.

Last night I had the pleasure of taking a ride along with Karen and Dale, the amazing founders and driving force behind the Peoples’ Picnic. Last year ‘Small Town Inertia‘ featured a story about the voluntary work they do and it’s fantastic to be working on a follow up with them.

As soon as we arrived at the distribution point, at the heart of Norwich, I was shocked to see such a large crowd of people, eagerly awaiting what would have been the only hot meal they might have had in three or four days.  Seeing hands reach out in the cold and dark for food, Dale and Karen speedily passing out sandwiches and pasta and chili to an orderly but evidently hungry crowd left me feeling nothing but awed for the amazing work the Peoples’ Picnic do, fundraising for the food bills, fundraising for food donations, fundraising for petrol for the car (A 40 mile round trip from Market Town to Norwich) and maintaining their website.


Dale handing out food to the crowd of waiting people. 2014

I was also left feeling fucking ashamed that I live in a country, in a time where so many go without food, go without shelter, go without dignity, go without so much that so many forsake.

I’ll be working on a update over the coming months, it’s my real honour to do so.

You can find the peoples’ picnic here, offer your help, donate and discover ways to found and maintain a citizen for citizen group in your own town or city.

Fight the good fight, for there is no other fight to be fought!.


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Ride along with the peoples’ picnic.