J A Mortram

Fight the good fight!

I’ve come to profoundly realise that, it is not us that should be worried about being photographed, CCTV, mass observation, it is those with power that seek to assume and lay stereotypes and judgements, enforce policy and practises that need exist in fear, for photography, documentary right now, with the internet, our key and a very real vehicle to share and educate from, for we have the power to collectively address, distribute and share, inform from every front line.

Information is a peaceful resistance, photography, documentary amongst the most beautiful non violent tools, they exist as perfect vehicles for sharing, informing, to communicate, to enable awareness, to afford voice and platform, to counteract every misconception, every enforced manufactured reality, every blinkered mauled statistic, every perversion of truth that’s force fed to us, to rally against all disinformation and propaganda.

It’s not a level playing field, but we are empowered, possibly more so now than ever before, I feel so lucky to live within a time where information can be so freely shared, lives, dreams, thoughts, fears, emotions and realities so easily shared, raising collective awareness to and for all of humanity, not top down, but bottom up, for the river flows both ways, it might be a trickle flowing into a tsunami, but it is there, it exists.

So, fight the good fight for there is no other fight to be fought!.

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Fight the good fight!