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Benefit Street

So, watched ‘Benefit Street’… or as I relate to it ‘Lets document a drowning man and not document why the boat is sinking.’ Soap opera filter and ephemeral focus, characterisation, demonisation and exploitation. Middle class voice over, condescension, edited for sensationalization. Poor VS poor and no accountability for the policies and mechanisms that are the true causation.

Now that loss of hope, loss of opportunity, loss of support, loss of future is open season for a ‘documentary’ to surround adverts, battle lines are drawn. At some point, in some room choices were made to construct a documentary that evidently used ‘Only fools and horses’ as it’s template and what is the outcome, skin deep reporting that shares nothing, a montage of truly stolen moments packaged as a reality, a look at a book cover with no pages within.

Where is the intimacy, where is the listening, answers are only ever as good as the questions asked. Where is the balance?, where are the carers?, where are the social workers whom’s hours are cut and departments closed, where is the C.A.B?, where the disabled?, the elderly, the young, where are those made bankrupt internally, emotionally and monetarily by this failing, rotting, self serving, hypocritical, ruling with rod and stick government?.

Without balance you can identify just how perverted the foundations are that this ‘show’ was built upon. Without balance you can feel the agenda like a slap in face. Without balance you know something dark and seriously wrong is happening in the way working class people, people below the poverty line with no hope, no help and no one to turn to are portrayed via what’s for many their single source of ‘fact’. I learned nothing from this show asides from how dangerous a tool the TV can be in hands that spin and how those with power abused, with no empathy, no understanding and no real care for the plight caused by their failing systems walk away, as ever, scott fucking free.

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Benefit Street